To Do List

*Check your Canvas inbox daily for messages.
*Do Attendance/check-in journal prompts.
*I created a discussion for you to answer and summit the discussion questions for our novel. I'll look for and grade them there.
*Continue to read the novel chapters that I put on Canvas and answer and summit the questions
*Log on to iReady and get your weekly time in.
*Log onto Read Theory three times a week and do 2 passages each time- that's 6 a week (graded)
*Work Lesson 8 in your workbook. We will go over Lesson 7 in our conference Thursday 11-19 at your scheduled times.
Take Daily Dose test Friday 11-20.
I opened Lightening Thief up until Friday 11-20 because many have not taken it. If not done by Friday, you know what you're grade will be.