Jo Garrett



Week of December 7-11 and 14 - 18

  • Do Attendance / Check-in every day. After Christmas break this will be graded. Type in complete sentences with correct capitalization and punctuation.
  • Finish reading The Lightening Thief. Final test will be Monday 12/14 and Tuesday 12/15. Be prepared.
  • Complete Daily Dose packet. We will go over those in class. Study/Learn the words. That test will be next week as well.
  • Watch Lesson 8 video and work it and the next part in your workbook. 
  • Get your iReady time EVERY week. 30 minutes a day.
  • Work 8 Read Theory passages EVERY week. This is averages for a grade.
  • Have your "Christmas Around the World" passage worked when arriving to class.
  • Google negative effects of "Entomophagy" and add notes to your writing lesson on it. After Christmas, you will write your OPINION essay on it. Be prepared and ready.

To Do List

*Check your Canvas inbox daily for messages.
*Do Attendance/check-in journal prompts.
*I created a discussion for you to answer and summit the discussion questions for our novel. I'll look for and grade them there.
*Continue to read the novel chapters that I put on Canvas and answer and summit the questions
*Log on to iReady and get your weekly time in.
*Log onto Read Theory three times a week and do 2 passages each time- that's 6 a week (graded)
*Work Lesson 8 in your workbook. We will go over Lesson 7 in our conference Thursday 11-19 at your scheduled times.
Take Daily Dose test Friday 11-20.
I opened Lightening Thief up until Friday 11-20 because many have not taken it. If not done by Friday, you know what you're grade will be.

* Please complete packet and return it when picking up the next one.
*Check this web-page for instructions weekly.
*Our main focus is going to be our workbook, Read Theory, and the novel. 
*Do four Read Theory passages every week.
*The iReady test is available now. Log on to iReady and do the Mastery Check.
*Complete the daily dose packet  Test will be next Thursday 11/19.
*We are stopping the writing lessons for now. Please hold onto them.
* Do Attendance/Check-in on Canvas every day. Type/write in complete thoughts.
*Be sure to do and turn in Chapter 15 questions in our novel. Test is next week.
*I have set up a Zoom account. ID is 919-933-9650 and password is ladybug.
I plan to have my first meeting Tuesday 11/17. My homeroom meeting is at 8:00. Ms Thornton's homeroom meeting is at 11:00 and Ms Hamilton's homeroom meeting is at 1:00
*Please don't think school is not important. It is!!! Your education is more important now than ever.
*You can always e-mail me if you need something.

The more you read, the more you know. The More that you learn, the more places you'll go.  - Dr. Seuss