Lipsey Middle School

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About The School

Lipsey School


Lipsey Middle School is located at 412 Drury Lane in Brookhaven, Mississippi.  It was named after C.H. Lipsey, a long-time teacher, coach, and administrator in the Brookhaven School District. Currently, we serve 450 children in the fifth and sixth grades. At Lipsey, students begin to learn and apply the skills necessary to enter their junior high years.  The programs and special opportunities at Lipsey give students room to grow academically, socially, athletically, and artistically.


Lipsey's teaching staff provides quality classroom instruction as well as special programs to enrich the student experience.  Some of the annual programs include participation in the Reading Fair, Lipsey Lamplighters, Beginner Band, Lipsey Student Council, and charitable fundraising.  Participation in these projects and organizations teach students the value of serving their peers and the surrounding community.


As these students begin their maturity into adolescence and begin to define their own interests, Lipsey offers programs that make such individuality possible while maintaining a sense of family and community.