Week of December 7-11 and 14 - 18

  • Do Attendance / Check-in every day. After Christmas break this will be graded. Type in complete sentences with correct capitalization and punctuation.
  • Finish reading The Lightening Thief. Final test will be Monday 12/14 and Tuesday 12/15. Be prepared.
  • Complete Daily Dose packet. We will go over those in class. Study/Learn the words. That test will be next week as well.
  • Watch Lesson 8 video and work it and the next part in your workbook. 
  • Get your iReady time EVERY week. 30 minutes a day.
  • Work 8 Read Theory passages EVERY week. This is averages for a grade.
  • Have your "Christmas Around the World" passage worked when arriving to class.
  • Google negative effects of "Entomophagy" and add notes to your writing lesson on it. After Christmas, you will write your OPINION essay on it. Be prepared and ready.